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After yesterday’s autumn statement I confess to feeling a bit down and wondering where the hell all this is going to end. I had forgotten about the planned changes to council tax benefit which could affect everyone depending on what measures their local council brings in. This means that those having to find the bedroom tax may also have to find something towards their council tax too!! Where this money is expected to come from I just don’t know. Perhaps they are trying to force us all to commit crimes to make ends meet so they can criminalize us as well as demonize us? All I do know is it won’t be possible for many people to pay everything expected of them out of their benefits without something having to give.

Once again Osborne said he understood the hardships facing normal working families today. How can he? Has he ever been in the position where it was a choice between heating your home or eating? Has he ever felt the way most people on benefits feel? The endless fight, struggling to keep your head above water against what feels like a sea of despair which at times makes us want to give up. He has in effect cut the benefits we get by putting them up by 1%, not just out of work benefits but in work benefits too, whilst those at the top get a tax break. Understanding I don’t think so!!

I have been reading that they have been asking for tenders for some sort of loan system for people on benefits designed to fill in the gap when Universal Credits comes in and people are without money due to the payments being monthly, and also for afterwards to replace the DWP loan system. Obviously these firms won’t do it for love and once again those with little will end up being forced into debt. How does this help them? How is this understanding their plight. All this against the backdrop of perpetuating the myth that it’s their own fault they are on benefits even though the growth in the economy is in fact a dip and there are very few jobs being created while many continue to be lost. It’s no wonder mental health problems and suicides are expected to soar next year!


Form Filling!:(

Time to fill in the dreaded form!

Q: Has your illness or disability changed since you last told us about it?

Can I put Yes not only is my partner over the edge but I’m at risk of going over the edge with all the stress too!!

Q: Is anyone getting, or has anyone just stopped getting, Child Benefit for you?

surely this question should read Are you or your partner getting, or have stopped getting Child benefit for any dependent children?

And there are loads of questions where after saying no the logical next step would have been please go to question XX but it goes on to ask all sorts of irrelevant questions and even says please answer all these questions even if you think they do not apply to you. Why answer them when you’ve already answered a question with NO, so they clearly don’t apply to you.

Perhaps they could set me on proof reading their forms for them, don’t think I could do a worse job than whoever does it now!!!!!!!

It’s no wonder welfare rights centres are inundated with people needing help with these forms because even if you think you are fairly intelligent you finish up questioning your ability to complete them with the stupid way a lot of the questions are worded.