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Major meltdown

Not written for a while as not much to report. Our friends have moved and are very unhappy, in fact unhappy isn’t strong enough they have sunk into a depression. The place they’ve moved to is a shit hole and they have no money to fix it up. There is nothing you can say to them is there? Personally I would have stuck it out until I could’nt go on any longer but realistically unless the jobs market changes there is little chance of them getting employment so perhaps they had no choice. It’s a really sad place to be – pushing 60 with nothing to show for it.:(

Here my partner has had a letter saying he’s in the WRAG group and detailing his benefits breakdown but we aren’t sure if this is the result of his medical or not as there wasn’t any points breakdown. Or do you only get that if they refuse you ESA? He has also had a letter with an appointment for a work related interview next month. We’ll see what happens!

Myself I’ve just had enough. I’m in the process of trying to start a business but it is off-putting when they are changing the benefit rules to penalize even this. I’ve applied for a few jobs but no joy, have applied to volunteer, no joy, it seems I’m stuck in this trap. To be honest and I’m sorry if this sounds callous but I don’t want to be where the buck stops any more. I don’t want to be the one who sorts out all the bills, keeps the house something like clean, feeds everyone, washes and irons the clothes, sits doing anything they can to make a bit of extra cash on the internet, just so we can have the things we need. I don’t want to go out shopping and come back to find the same mess I left when I went out because him indoors can’t be bothered to do anything. I’m losing the plot. Being the one who runs the house I could cope with but being the one who runs the house and has to deal with someone who is negative from the minute he rises everyday is just too much and I want out. I’ve had enough!!!



No News is Good News!????? :o

Not posted for a while – sorry!! Not much to report as nothing is happening! It’s now almost 8 weeks since all this started but still no further forward.

The only development has been that my MP’s office contacted me, (after being contacted by Welfare Rights because we told them we had been in contact with our MP who was nothing short of useless!!). They now say they may be able to do something!! I emailed them back with the situation as it stands and stated that I intend to complain in writing, to which they replied could they have a copy of my letter. Presumably they will then forward this on to DWP with an add on they’ve written and then claim they’ve helped us if we manage to get a positive response. Classic!!

Have been reading Chavs – the demonization of the working class by Owen Jones, very interesting reading and though I don’t agree with all of the viewpoints in the book, it does make you realise that much of what is happening re the benefits system, unemployment and the way the media portrays these things has been done deliberately to make those who believe themselves to be better than working class look down on those unfortunate enough to find themselves in receipt of benefits. The old ‘ divide and rule’ idea has worked well. This cannot go on forever though and one day when we have been driven too far something will give and the balance will change. This book says what I have been saying for a few years that the powers that be want it back like it was in the 19th century when we peasants were kept in our place by the landowners. So when are they re introducing the workhouse – may as well go the whole hog and do it right!!

Makes you proud to be British!!