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Here we go again!

Having sought advice from a welfare rights centre it seems that yes it is correct that you can be reviewed six months after winning an appeal for ESA. So it seems here we go again! Obviously the idea is to put off those who aren’t genuine but this is causing immense stress to those who are genuine and their families. It is not good for the health of anyone to be put through this stress on a regular basis. I have always borne the burden of the paperwork from DWP as my partner can’t cope with it all, but I’m now finding myself in the position of feeling as if I’m struggling to cope also. It’s beginning to affect my health and not for the better! I have been suffering with stomach problems since xmas, together with low mood/depression. I haven’t yet sought medical treatment but will have to if it continues. As the claim for ESA isn’t mine none of my problems are taken into account but all this uncertainty and stress is very hard for me to cope with so I really feel for people who have numerous medical issues as well as having to deal with ESA claims, bedroom tax problems and the impending changes to DLA. I have to come to the conclusion that this is the idea, make us all so ill that we roll over and take all that is thrown at us or worse decide this life isn’t worth living anymore, as so many have already done. I’d challenge the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and IDS to travel on buses around my deprived area of Britain and listen to what people really think and have to contend with on a daily basis. I regularly overhear people struggling to apply for the number of jobs asked for by the jobcentre, worrying about being ill in case they lose their job, talking about committing a crime so they’ll get help to find a home because they’re sick of sofa surfing and have exhausted every other avenue of help, and wondering what they have to look forward to. Do they want us all to turn to crime?
I for one know I can’t carry on like this. I am trying to better my prospects of getting off benefits but if this keeps on I won’t have the will or health to do anything. How does that help either the country or the individual?

Happy New Year!!

Happy new year everyone!! Unfortunately the start to mine has been a bit mixed, the depression/low mood has reared its ugly head again and have been left feeling less than healthy which is why I haven’t felt like posting.

Just before xmas we received a new ESA 50 form to fill in even though it is only about 6 months since we won the appeal for the last one. I’m not sure if this means we may have to go through it all again but just the thought of it fills me with dread. I really cannot go through this every 6-12 months but I suppose that’s the idea.

The stress of it all last time was immense and I don’t think the Government realizes or cares about the impact of all this stress on our health. The friends of ours who face the bedroom tax have spent the whole of xmas being ill, and having to deal with one relative overdosing due to the hopelessness caused by their situation. Thankfully they were ok after treatment.

Despite all the spotlight on ATOS, DWP and the Government regarding their treatment of the disadvantaged little seems to be changing as the case of the man with heart failure on the news a few days ago highlighted. Despite the fact he wore a box with wires fixed to his heart in order to remain alive he received no points and was found fit for work. Needless to say he is appealing but at what cost to his health. So we see the demonization goes on………

Atos causing pain again!

The lady  (Mrs X) mentioned in my previous post who had failed her ATOS medical has sought advise from Welfare Rights, who have said yes she can appeal and will likely win but will almost definitely be placed in the WRAG group. Apparently even life threatening illness isn’t enough to get you into the Support group as we have all seen from cases highlighted in the press! This has plunged Mrs X into depression as she now realizes she will be subject to attending pointless Jobcentre interviews, forced to apply for jobs she has no chance of getting and face sanctions if she isn’t seen to be doing enough! Mrs X could also find herself having to attend a placement on workfare. All this when her Doctor says she isn’t fit for work. Unfortunately this government aren’t satisfied with all the misery they’ve caused so far and look set to cause more by stepping up the pressure on those in the WRAG group by forcing them on to mandatory work schemes.

My partner has received a letter to this effect just this week. As I’ve said before perhaps with a bit of understanding from employers some of those on ESA could work but unfortunately that understanding is sadly lacking.  If any of those people with long-term health problems did manage to secure a job in many cases it just wouldn’t last because these health problems won’t just go away and time is money. Lets face it money is more important than people’s lives in our society as is shown time and time again. We should be looking after those too ill to work not demonizing them and causing them further pain. I do wonder where all this will end – with the targeting of DLA starting soon the future for those who dare to become ill or disables looks increasingly grim!


Despite all the publicity surrounding Atos medicals it seems they have learned nothing! An acquaintance of mine, lets call her Mrs X was telling me of her experience at the medical and it’s the same story we’ve been hearing since these medicals began. Mrs X worked doing manual and driving jobs until about ten years ago when she developed a back problem and could no longer manage to work. An operation was advised but Mrs X was reluctant due to the possibility of the op leaving her in a worse position. Her husband persuaded her that she should go ahead with the op despite the fact it could leave her paralysed. Fortunately though this didn’t happen, unfortunately neither did significant improvement and Mrs X resigned herself to the fact that return to her previous normality wasn’t an option. Mrs X can’t walk very far, is in constant pain, walks slowly, can neither sit or stand for long periods and uses a mobility scooter to get about.

Fast forward to the Atos medical which was held on the third floor of the building. Upon entering she was told she couldn’t go up on the lift in her scooter and was asked if she would be able to use the stairs should there be a fire. Her response was a truthful yes she could but by the time she got to the bottom the building might well be burnt to the ground. Deciding this was too risky they asked the nurse conducting the medical to come to the ground floor and conduct her medical there.

The nurse could clearly see Mrs X needed to use the scooter, had access to the doctor’s report about medical conditions and yet guess what Mrs X like many that have gone before her received nil points. How can someone needing help to get around get no points at all? It beggars belief! Mrs X is of course appealing so it will cost the DWP time and money to fight their case which on past experience I would hazard a guess they will lose. They have learned nothing!!! Their quest to get the ‘spongers’ goes on!!!

Back where we started??

We have at last received some notification from DWP regarding the ESA claim. However it is only dated between February and April 2012 for some reason which is raising some questions for us since it’s now August! We had reason to believe that any incapacity Benefit received in the last year was taken to be your years worth of contribution based ESA but the letter states our ESA is contribution based. Is this why it only goes to April, the end of the financial year? If so why haven’t they included payment details for April to now? The payment breakdown is also confusing! They state they must take a percentage of my partner’s ill-health pension (from last employer) off the ESA, but then they have added a top up so that we don’t lose any money?????? So guess what we end up with exactly the amount we were getting before all this started!! We won’t get  any April increase though until the ESA rates catch up with the old Incapacity benefit rates. As to whether these rates apply to income based ESA, well that’s something else that’s not clear!

As you can  see lots of things we are unsure about meaning we still can’t plan our finances properly until we’ve sought answers to these questions. What does strike me though is all we’ve gone through to get back to where we started. What a waste of taxpayers money (we pay tax incidentally -on the pension). In an effort to get people of benefits the government is wasting money which could be better spent elsewhere and in many cases people will end up with exactly what they began with. If the medical criteria was not so unfair money would be saved immediately on the appeal processes that many are forced to go through. The sad thing is the government would rather waste money on them than give it to genuine claimants. People have died awaiting appeal, people who clearly aren’t fit for work have given up unable to stand the stress and are now being hounded by jobcentreplus to find work. Work that for them does not exist. Whilst government shovels money into Atos’ pockets. They should all be hanging their heads in shame at their treatment of  vulnerable people. Now Atos has been handed the contract to reform  Disability Living Allowance so we can expect much more of the same!

We won ……………sort of!

Well we won the appeal despite it being an ordeal for OH. I myself was past caring. It was not a pleasant experience and couldn’t help feeling those we sat before didn’t really have a clue what it was like to be in our shoes. But hey it’s over with and whilst I know it doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen again we got through and have learned from it. Hopefully this time next year I won’t be reliant on DWP for my income. OH has been placed in the WRAG group, which we were told was the best we could hope for. So OH will have to attend an interview at the job centre designed to help him back into work but he can’t be forced to apply for jobs. We have been told that this programme is sketchy in its success as the help you receive often depends on the person appointed to help you. We will see.

So I will be  winding down this blog and starting a new one shortly. I will report back on here as and when there are any other developments and if anyone wants any help or pointers on the appeal process I’m only to glad to help if I can. Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for reading it has really helped to offload on here. Bye

An apology!?!?

Well it’s almost D-day and yesterday I received a phone call from DWP regarding my complaint letter. Once again they never received it (so they claim!), but my MP’s office has forwarded a copy to them after I expressed concern at having had no reply. Basically the postal service was to blame was the gist of the conversation. Apparently the DWP postal  centre is in Nottingham although the claims are dealt with in Derby?????????????? Really don’t see how that’s an effective system. When I replied that although I know the post office do lose things I really don’t see how one person can be so unlucky as to have the number of things go missing that we have had -it adds up to about 6 items in all! – he agreed that it wasn’t good enough. He stated that the service is paid for by the taxpayer and it isn’t doing right by its claimants. He reiterated several times that it wasn’t good enough but at no time did he say what was going to be done about it. So although the apology is appreciated it doesn’t seem as if the problems are going to be addressed any time soon.


We now have a new date for the appeal in July. I have still not received any reply to my complaints letter and my MP’s office is supposed to be trying to get an answer but I can almost guarantee they’ll say they didn’t receive it. To be honest I think they’ve succeeded in getting the response they wanted because I’ve had enough of it all now. The monetary gains are just not worth all this hassle. In all likelihood he will be put in the work related group so will have to attend interviews with a view to finding a job, (quite where someone with his lack of skills, together with his medical issues, is going to get one I don’t know). So whatever happens he is going to be under extra pressure which in turn will put me under extra pressure. The way I feel just now it will cost them money in any case, in anti depressants because I don’t know how much more I can take. The benefit rate is so low now that we are regularly having snack type meals instead of proper meals and my freezer seems to be on its way out together with my washing machine which broke today. Where the money will come from to repair or replace these I just don’t know. Maybe I should just take my clothes to the river and bash em on the rocks like in the good old days!

Appeal Thrown out !!!!!

The appeal didn’t go ahead last Friday. We were all geared up for it, my partner was very stressed, even the welfare rights worker representing us at the appeal commented on him looking ill. Unfortunately it was all pointless as due to the medical report being partly about someone else it wasn’t legal and so the appeal was unable to go ahead. We must now go through the process again.

I have contacted my MP’s office AGAIN to express my dismay at the way the MP has let us down by allowing DWP to treat us like this with no redress, how they should be publicizing all this -we are not the only ones to be treated like this, there are many. We received information to the effect that the MP’s office were told by DWP that a new medical document had been sent out in mid April at the request of the Welfare Rights service. No such document was ever received. So once again are DWP lying, incompetent or blaming the post once again?

As yet I have had no reply to the letter of complaint I sent to DWP about a month ago – wonder if that’s been lost as well !!!!!!!!! I will give them a month and then will re-print the letter and take it from there. To be honest now it’s not about the money because in the end we will still be worse off than we were before the claim changed to ESA. It’s now become about the treatment of the claimants and the way our MP who is supposed to be working for us, just can’t be bothered to chase it up. All this should be being used to show up the way this government is treating vulnerable people who find it difficult to fight back. Even when they do try to fight back they find there is no where to turn – in effect there is nothing we can do about it. And now they plan to take DLA from people who are even more vulnerable than those on ESA. Even the fact that you have no arm or leg won’t save you from their claws. What a wonderful country we live in !!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know how the powers that be sleep at night. Utterly disgusting!