I haven’t been very good at keeping this blog up to date of late, unfortunately life has got in the way. I am still more or less in the same position that I was in before I started this blog except I have learned to look at things a bit differently. Although our finances are worse than they have ever been we have managed. I am very good at budgeting and I don’t mean that in a bragging way. I know others out there through no fault of their own, have debts etc around their necks and others due to benefit cuts, bedroom tax etc are in dire straights, but at the moment we are just about getting by. It’s difficult and from what is being said it’s not going to get any better but I still have to believe that one day things will swing the other way and the public will have their eyes opened to exactly what agenda this government and the political elite at large, have in mind. It is terrible that all those rights our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and their respective female other halves fought for are being eroded. We fought for them once and it looks like we will have to again, but things will change one day just as they have done in the past. Though it is hard I am asking you to look to the new year with optimism and know that you aren’t alone. There are many of us and the more people are pushed into the ground the more those creating our misfortune need to fear because the danger will occur when we are as low as we can go with nothing to lose. I am desperately trying to better my chances of employment or self employment, which I know for some isn’t possible. I will always feel empathy and try to understand those less fortunate then myself, even if I manage to get a better standard of living than I now have. That is what some of those who look down on us should remember for many poverty is just a pay packet away. Let us all stick together and bring this persecution to an end. 

I wish you all a Happy and United New Year!


Thank you for reading my blog and I will try and be a bit more active in 2014.




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