If you didn’t laugh……..

My friends who are threatened with the bedroom tax have been visited by not one but two council representatives to inspect their home so that they can apply for a smaller property which begs the question why does it take two of them? Isn’t that a waste of council tax payer’s money?

They have been told they can apply for both a 1 bedroom and a 2 bedroom property because yes you’ve guessed it- there aren’t enough 1 beds to go round, so they may still end up paying  the tax for 1 bedroom. If they refuse any property offered they go to the bottom of the list. So in effect they may wait for ages, be offered a shit hole and either have to take it or carry on paying bedroom tax on their present home.

Then comes the really laughable bit. My friends have over the years improved their home, having put ceramic tiled floors in, nice light fittings, wooden doors and they’ve tiled the bathroom walls. The council representative says they have to rip up the tiles, take down light fittings, replace doors and replace the tiles in the bathroom with fixtures and fittings up to council standards.!! ( mouth hits the floor!) I have council standard floor tiles (shit ones!), I have council standard bathroom tiles  (falling off!- and keep coming off when council fix em), I have council issue doors ( complete with holes I’ve had to fill in where kids when small knocked them with toys), they are not much better than cardboard. I also have council floor tiles, uneven, cheapest of the cheap. My friend home is far and away above council standards and someone would be lucky to get it in its present state. I can’t believe how stupid these people are!! Surely if these people can’t afford the bedroom tax they can’t afford to replace all this stuff as well, together with the costs of removal and carpets etc for a new property. Don’t they see that if they left suitable fixtures it would help all the people who find themselves having to move. Oh wait sorry silly me they just want to make people’s life a misery, the word help just isn’t in their vocabulary!


6 responses to “If you didn’t laugh……..

  1. No surprises there then!! They represent fools, act like fools, and are fools. Just my opinion of course. They made me pay to replace beautiful doors with crappy doors to my 3 bedroom council house before letting me move to a 2 bedroom flat, with doors with holes punched in them. So kind!! Now, I have 1 bedroom too many. Just can’t get it right for trying!! But its ok. If they come calling here I am going to act completely senile, just to see how fast they try to leave.

    • I sympathize.I’ve been visited by council officials who think you can live with inferior fixtures that they’d soon have in the skip. They think because we live in council housing we have no pride in our homes. Well what they’ve wished for will be true because whose going to do anything to a house which may be snatched from you. Council homes are all going to be scruffy, dilapidated shit holes if this tax isn’t abolished. The slums of the 21st century! Keep fighting!

  2. I live in Scotland, and we are allowed to Decorate & make home improvements providing they are carried out to good standard. The only thing the council may not keep is light fittings unless they were installed by them. Providing carpets and flooring is in good condition they would leave them for the next tenant, I installed my own gas fire that is inspected by them yrly. English tenant requlations is totally naff. There is no reason they should have to change it as long as it is in good condition.

    • My sentiments exactly. Can’t for the life of me understand why you would want to take something of better quality and replaxe it with rubbish! It would also cut the costs of those unfortunate enough to find themselves having to move. Can’t see how anyone moving to a new place wouldn’t be pleased to find it had decent floorcoverings and doors etc. It’s time we had somone who has been poor overseeing these regs, I could show them a thing or two and save them money doing it!

  3. Next time.we ave genral election dont vote because they are all lyin bastards all politsons should be shot the old and frail will be hit by the cuts in 2016

  4. Dont let the bastards get you down i know easier said than.

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