We now have a new date for the appeal in July. I have still not received any reply to my complaints letter and my MP’s office is supposed to be trying to get an answer but I can almost guarantee they’ll say they didn’t receive it. To be honest I think they’ve succeeded in getting the response they wanted because I’ve had enough of it all now. The monetary gains are just not worth all this hassle. In all likelihood he will be put in the work related group so will have to attend interviews with a view to finding a job, (quite where someone with his lack of skills, together with his medical issues, is going to get one I don’t know). So whatever happens he is going to be under extra pressure which in turn will put me under extra pressure. The way I feel just now it will cost them money in any case, in anti depressants because I don’t know how much more I can take. The benefit rate is so low now that we are regularly having snack type meals instead of proper meals and my freezer seems to be on its way out together with my washing machine which broke today. Where the money will come from to repair or replace these I just don’t know. Maybe I should just take my clothes to the river and bash em on the rocks like in the good old days!

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