Appeal Thrown out !!!!!

The appeal didn’t go ahead last Friday. We were all geared up for it, my partner was very stressed, even the welfare rights worker representing us at the appeal commented on him looking ill. Unfortunately it was all pointless as due to the medical report being partly about someone else it wasn’t legal and so the appeal was unable to go ahead. We must now go through the process again.

I have contacted my MP’s office AGAIN to express my dismay at the way the MP has let us down by allowing DWP to treat us like this with no redress, how they should be publicizing all this -we are not the only ones to be treated like this, there are many. We received information to the effect that the MP’s office were told by DWP that a new medical document had been sent out in mid April at the request of the Welfare Rights service. No such document was ever received. So once again are DWP lying, incompetent or blaming the post once again?

As yet I have had no reply to the letter of complaint I sent to DWP about a month ago – wonder if that’s been lost as well !!!!!!!!! I will give them a month and then will re-print the letter and take it from there. To be honest now it’s not about the money because in the end we will still be worse off than we were before the claim changed to ESA. It’s now become about the treatment of the claimants and the way our MP who is supposed to be working for us, just can’t be bothered to chase it up. All this should be being used to show up the way this government is treating vulnerable people who find it difficult to fight back. Even when they do try to fight back they find there is no where to turn – in effect there is nothing we can do about it. And now they plan to take DLA from people who are even more vulnerable than those on ESA. Even the fact that you have no arm or leg won’t save you from their claws. What a wonderful country we live in !!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know how the powers that be sleep at night. Utterly disgusting!

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