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What a Performance for 20 Quid!!!

Well we collected our payment this week and with 10 weeks back money it was still less than we used to get for 2 weeks money before all this kicked off !! It’s now income related so any other income you have is taken off, which means that the very small pension we get from my partner’s last job is taken off,  which it wasn’t before. It also means that in order for it to pay you to work you have to do the 24 hours needed to claim WTC. I am hopeful that sometime in the next year I will have sorted some sort of work be it self – employed or employed. It’s not going to be easy because there are very few jobs in my area.

My partner’s appeal date has been set for late next month. We still don’t know if this will stand as DWP has still to reply to Welfare  Rights about the inaccurate medical report containing another person’s details. We have been advised that he may turn up only for it to be cancelled. Unfortunately all this stress has taken its toll on both of us. I have had a number of accidents over the past few weeks and feel that they have at least in part been due to my mind not been on what I was doing. My partner is suffering migraines with associated visual problems, although he has suffered from these for a while they never resulted in sight issues before. All this on top of the issues he was on IB for. I’m not hopeful of a good outcome to all this.

I have submitted a complaints letter to DWP but again am not expecting too much from it – it’s a bit like the police investigating  themselves – can’t see them admitting their failings.

Next year we will have to go through all this again no doubt as it’s all change again with Universal Credits – can’t wait!!!

I now have to sort out if we can cut any of our bills so we can live on what is effectively the same rate as JSA. Whilst I realise that some things needed to be cut by the government, why is it always the poor who pay? What we are being expected to live on for 2 weeks Sam Cam wouldn’t think twice about paying for a dress or a pair of shoes. All in it together – I think not!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE END!!!!!!! may be in Sight!

Having had to chase DWP  yet again last Friday (13th…eek!! ) I was told that I would be phoned back on Monday. The lady who phoned said the claim had to go to  DM?? who would decide if I can go on partner’s claim, even though when he was in receipt of incapacity benefit I was on his claim. She did say she would try and hurry the claim along as it had been going on for so long. It is in fact 10 weeks on Tuesday 24th April since all this began. Surprise surprise the phone call never came. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and left it till this morning and then bit the bullet and phoned them. Apparently when he collects his payment next week we should have back money and our payment has been upped to couples rate less the very small occupational pension he receives of about £20 per week. What I can’t understand is why on single rate this wasn’t taken into account but on couple rate it is. His appeal hearing date has come through but as the medical details in the report were about a different person we aren’t sure if this will go ahead. So another trip to Welfare Rights is in order but fingers crossed the end may be in sight. We are still a large amount of money down on his incapacity payments so we are still going to struggle but hopefully one day I will find a suitable job and things will change.

No News is Good News!????? :o

Not posted for a while – sorry!! Not much to report as nothing is happening! It’s now almost 8 weeks since all this started but still no further forward.

The only development has been that my MP’s office contacted me, (after being contacted by Welfare Rights because we told them we had been in contact with our MP who was nothing short of useless!!). They now say they may be able to do something!! I emailed them back with the situation as it stands and stated that I intend to complain in writing, to which they replied could they have a copy of my letter. Presumably they will then forward this on to DWP with an add on they’ve written and then claim they’ve helped us if we manage to get a positive response. Classic!!

Have been reading Chavs – the demonization of the working class by Owen Jones, very interesting reading and though I don’t agree with all of the viewpoints in the book, it does make you realise that much of what is happening re the benefits system, unemployment and the way the media portrays these things has been done deliberately to make those who believe themselves to be better than working class look down on those unfortunate enough to find themselves in receipt of benefits. The old ‘ divide and rule’ idea has worked well. This cannot go on forever though and one day when we have been driven too far something will give and the balance will change. This book says what I have been saying for a few years that the powers that be want it back like it was in the 19th century when we peasants were kept in our place by the landowners. So when are they re introducing the workhouse – may as well go the whole hog and do it right!!

Makes you proud to be British!!