A form at last!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we received a new form to fill in yesterday- about a month after they lost the first one I filled in. Perhaps it had something to do with the intervention of the Welfare Rights centre. It certainly seems coincidental that despite my two previous phone calls no form arrived but only three days after Welfare Rights get in touch hey presto!!! a form drops on the mat. I have tried to find someone to complain to but in the first instance you are advised to complain to the office that has dealt with your claim. So that’s my next step – can’t say I have any faith even in the complaints system they run either. No one seems to be accountable in these government agencies, and if they are going to start altering their pay conditions I can only see it getting worse.

The council have also been less than helpful, sending us final demands threatening court action if we don’t bring rent payments up to date. This despite me being told they would put a stop in the letters until our claim was sorted by DWP. On top of this they have calculated this years housing benefit and yes you’ve guessed it used our old incapacity benefit income rates not ESA rates, so more time will be wasted recalculating this too.

What a system!! Talk about kick you in the teeth when you are down. Is there any wonder so many benefits go unclaimed? Would you put yourself through this if you had any other choice??


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