You couldn’t make it up !!! :(

We received the report yesterday with all the details of my partner’s claim, which they have looked at again to stop it going to appeal. Unfortunately the decision about his claim still stands and an appeal looks inevitable. I obviously wanted to scrutinise the documentation explaining this and guess what, there in black and white (well funny orangey colour actually) is a report on someone else’s claim. A paragraph in which this person is named and the details of why he’s failed the medical are explained. The next paragraph then goes back to being about my partner! How can this be allowed to happen? Clearly on the same page are the names of 2 different people! Does no one ever check these documents for errors? If I hadn’t have laughed I would have cried. Does this department’s incompetence know no bounds?

And still no sign of a form that they insist was posted  Friday 2nd March.

“It should arrive in the next few days ” said the bloke on the phone.

“Surely if it was posted on 2nd March even second class it should have arrived by now” I said

“Can’t legislate for the postal service” he says

So its pure coincidence that the post office has managed to lose two forms both belonging to the same claim. Ermmmmmmmmm forgive me for being a bit sceptical but I think the blame lies elsewhere.

Anyway have contacted a different welfare rights organization in the hope of some support since everyone else we’ve contacted doesn’t seem to care. Lets hope they can help!!!!!!!!


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