They lost my form!!!!!!!!!!!

Well after a conversation on Monday with DWP it appears they haven’t received my form!! Wonderful !!! So now it’s back to the drawing board and I have to fill it all in again. The new form was  posted to me Friday but at the time of this post we haven’t yet received it.  So it will probably be another couple of weeks before it’s sorted – it’s an absolute joke! If this were a business they were running it would be bust by now as I’m one of many that they fail on a daily basis. I’ve been told that it’s best to post any forms by registered post. So at a time when you’re in dire need you are expected to waste money (you haven’t got) on postage. I’m sorry but although I believe that the postal service does sometimes lose things I’m not convinced it’s on the scale that DWP claim. My form is probably in the DWP building somewhere. This is incompetence beyond belief and I for one think it’s absolutely unacceptable. Yet another reflection on our society and Government – if you’re vulnerable we’ll walk all over you and you better be grateful for it!!


3 responses to “They lost my form!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Yep, “losing” forms seems to be par for the course. Is it a deliberate delaying tactic or just incompetence. Who knows.
    Just keep going – remember the elephant.

  2. Fill in online version of the esa50 and always keep copies, and always send any documents to ATOS or DWP using a signed for service.

    • Hi,
      We weren’t aware that online was an option – is it a new thing neither our welfare rights adviser or DWP pointed this out to us. I don’t think it’s acceptable to expect people who are surviving on very low incomes to pay extra for postage services, and it seems to me to lose one form perhaps but three seems a bit far fetched. When the DWP phoned me up they admitted it was gross incompetence.

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