Who’s in our Corner?

Well still no word so decided to phone the DWP to see what was happening if anything. I was put through to a lady and after the usual verification of national insurance number etc the conversation went like this:

ME: Could you tell me what’s happening regarding our claim? We filled an ESA 3 form in and was told it would only take a few days to add me to the claim as it is an active claim. It’s now over a week since you should have received the form and we still haven’t heard anything.

DWP: I’m afraid I can’t talk to you without your partner’s permission.

Partner goes to phone and gives permission.

DWP: He’s just been moved to ESA from incapacity benefit, has he put in an appeal?

ME: yes

DWP: Oh yes he’s been awarded single claimant rates, were you on his claim?

ME: yes, and as you can appreciate we can’t live on £67.50 a week

DWP: No they seem to be awarding everyone who fails the medical single rate. When did you send in the form?

ME: about a week and a half ago, was told it ould only take a few days to sort out.

DWP: Who told you this ? No it takes about 2 weeks and there’s no record on-screen of even receiving the ESA3.Did you post it recorded delivery?

ME: No just normal post. How am I supposed to afford recorded delivery on £67.50?

DWP: Oh, I’ll have to email the office and see what’s happening and ring you back, could be any time up till Monday lunchtime.

ME: Ok, Will wait to hear, but am not very happy.

About a half hour later they phone me back by which time my partner has had to pop up to shop, and guess what they can’t speak to me without his permission again. They’ve just had it -only half an hour ago!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m beginning to feel really down and dejected about this. During the above phone call I had to remain calm and quietish and not really let rip like I felt like doing because I realise that the person on the end of the phone is probably nor responsible for the mess but I know if I’d begun to let fly I would have lost it. How can it be right that people with dependants are being thrown off onto single rate? They have all the details yet are having to wade through unnecessary forms leaving people with next to nothing to live on.

We have received no support from any of the help we’ve sought. The advice service that was asked to call us back haven’t called. Our MP hasn’t been in touch despite being emailed and phoned on several occasions. Its shameful the way we have been treated in all this. Irrespective of your views on whether people should be thrown off this benefit in the way that they are, no one can live on fresh air and that is exactly what I am left to do. How can this be allowed to happen in 21st century Britain? Read http://edinburgheye.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/cameron-what-the-dickens/ and see what you think. I’ve been saying this for a while. Just when you think it can’t get worse it does……….and what’s more no one seems to care.


2 responses to “Who’s in our Corner?

  1. This is dreadful, but I’m afraid so, so typical. You can spend hours and hours on the phone to these people. Sometimes it’s like talking to robots.

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