Form Filling!:(

Time to fill in the dreaded form!

Q: Has your illness or disability changed since you last told us about it?

Can I put Yes not only is my partner over the edge but I’m at risk of going over the edge with all the stress too!!

Q: Is anyone getting, or has anyone just stopped getting, Child Benefit for you?

surely this question should read Are you or your partner getting, or have stopped getting Child benefit for any dependent children?

And there are loads of questions where after saying no the logical next step would have been please go to question XX but it goes on to ask all sorts of irrelevant questions and even says please answer all these questions even if you think they do not apply to you. Why answer them when you’ve already answered a question with NO, so they clearly don’t apply to you.

Perhaps they could set me on proof reading their forms for them, don’t think I could do a worse job than whoever does it now!!!!!!!

It’s no wonder welfare rights centres are inundated with people needing help with these forms because even if you think you are fairly intelligent you finish up questioning your ability to complete them with the stupid way a lot of the questions are worded.


One response to “Form Filling!:(

  1. If I had a comment to make you’ve already made it… 🙂

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